Monthly Archives: May 2011

ASCO Annual Meeting

The 47th annual meeting of the Annual Society of Clinical Oncology is coming up next week in Chicago, June 3-7, and is expected to draw 30,000 attendees.  Results from over 4,000 cancer research studies will be released.  A bit overwheming for a cancer research advocate – how do you find the useful and meaningful results?  A start is to look at what the press office is highlighting ahead of time, though we can’t always be sure these are well done studies, and are the most important ones.  This years’ press release highlights seven studies, three of which are relevant to breast cancer patients.  The one that caught my eye was a Phase II study of Cabozantinib for patients with advanced, progressing tumors.  The researchers found the drug was helping slow some tumor growth, but a surprise finding was its impact on patients with bone metastases.  Fifty-nine of 68 patients with bone metastases (including patients with breast and prostate cancers and melanoma) experienced either partial or complete disappearance of the cancer on bone scans, often with significant pain relief and other improved cancer-related symptoms.  Independent review by radiologists confirmed that bone metastases disappeared in the majority of patients who had bone metastases when they entered the study.

I look forward to learning more at the meeting.  Most of the research abstracts are currently online and can be searched here.  Please leave a comment if you find or hear about an interesting study to be presented at ASCO.